Scott Cole inspires digital art by Heather Cullen
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Digital Art Inspired by Scott Cole's Discover Tai Chi: AM/PM Workouts

First I wanted to thank you for your wonderful video Discover Tai Chi: AM/PM Workouts. For the past 3 years this has been my A. M. routine. Love the ease of movements and have noticed the benefits. It is a very energizing way to start the day.

When visiting your website I noticed your photography of florals etc. Awesome pics. Thought it would be fun for you to see digital art I created.

Inspiration was taken from your video .... 5 elements as follows:

FIRE (Energy) ... Started as an image taken of me by a campfire.

WATER (Flow) ... Started as an image of a waterfall.

WOOD (Strength) ... Original wood blocks in castle shapes.

METAL (Inspired) ... Original photo is coins.
This is the one that struck me seeing the center as resembling yin and yang.

EARTH (My Sanctuary) ... Started as a photo of my garden in the woods.